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Alex's Strata Top by Sew Liberated

Women standing against a building wearing a black top and grey jeans. Women is standing sideways with right shoulder towards camera and smiling.

Pattern: Strata Top by Sew Liberated
Materials: Pucker Linen/Rayon in Black
Size Made: 18
Modifications: I added 1.5" to the front hem

Let's talk about this textile delight. Working in the craft industry means whenever a new fabric/yarn/roving comes in the store my hands are on it before I can even think about it. If it feels good, I HAVE to have it. This Pucker Linen/Rayon has been gracing our shelves for a hot minute, which just means I've been visiting it daily for just as long. It's one of the most satisfying hand feels in the shop, in my humble opinion. Now I get to wear it on my body!

Women standing against a building wearing a black top and grey jeans. Women is looking down and with her right hand adjusting her necklace.

Since this fabric is too good, I decided to go ahead and make a muslin based off my bust measurement before starting in on the Linen/Rayon. I saw the finished measurements and was expecting this top to be a bit too roomy for my liking, but was pleasantly surprised by even just the muslin. I recommend following the pattern and making the suggested size based off your own measurements.

Women leaning against a building wearing a black top and grey jeans. Photo is taken looking down a city sidewalk and women is looking forward. Photo is a profile image.

The instructions were written very clearly and concisely with simple illustrations demonstrating techniques, so I'd say this is a pretty accessible pattern for perhaps a not-so-new novice. Maybe not a first top, but easily a second. Attaching the neckband became a little hazy (thanks late night sewing!) but Sew Liberated offers a complete beginning to end tutorial on YouTube which made it a breeze.

Women standing against a building wearing a black top and grey jeans. Women is looking over her right shoulder and adjusting her necklace with both hands.

One thing I found was that while the high low hem was super cute, it just didn't fit with my finished vision. A little flash of tummy here and there is cute, but this was just a bit too cropped. For my final version I retraced just the front of the pattern (as I liked where the back hem hit on my backside) and added 1.5" inches. I drafted a new front hem, and here it is! Easy peasy. As this pattern was written for a 5' 5" body and I'm at 5' 6" this wasn't a surprising adjustment in the making process.

Women standing on a city sidewalk wearing a black top and grey jeans. Women has her hands down to her sides and looking towards the city street and smiling.

The Pucker Linen/Rayon was just as much of a dream to work with as I had hoped. It wasn't too shifty, if not just a touch wobbly. A few extra pins helped me get everything where I wanted, but after a wash the fabric is SO forgiving of any sewing sins. I found when pressing the hems into place the fabric lost it's texture and even made the finished garment feel a bit larger than anticipated. I popped it in the wash and it was just as crinkly and fitted as it was on the bolt.

I can't wait to wear my new Strata top year round as it's flowy enough for the hottest summer days, but also gives off the crinkly Halloween witchy vibes I crave. I'll be making this one again, that's for sure!

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