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Alex's Ribbed Tencel Modal Is Slinky and Sweet

Pattern Name and Designer: Ebony Knit Dress and T-Shirt, Closet Core
Size Made: 14
Materials Used: Ribbed Tencel Modal with Spandex - Ginger, clear elastic, matching thread
Modifications: View B (crop top, 3/4 length sleeves, jewel neckline) - lengthened by 3"


This is an image of a woman wearing a pinkish purple shirt standing in front of sunflowers outside.

I absolutely adored making my Tie- Dye Ebony Tee almost two years ago (time flies!) but upon reflecting on how much I've grown as a knits sewist I figured it was about time to give it another go. When we received the Ribbed Tencel in store I truly couldn't keep my hands off and immediately planned an Ebony in every color. Since I've made this pattern before it whipped up in a breeze.

I went with View B this go around and started with a wearable muslin to check the fit since I was sizing down and trying out the 3/4 length sleeve. It was perfect - besides the length. I was prepared for a crop but this one hit above my belly button and every time I lifted my arms it got stuck - well, in an unflattering position. Since I was looking for something to hit right at my hips and already loved the rest of the fit I just ball-parked adding 3" along the lengthen line included on the pattern pieces ( Closet Core makes this SO easy).

This is an up close image of a woman's arm and waist wearing a pinkish purple shirt.

This might be the slinkiest fabric I've worked with yet. While an unexpected challenge, it wasn't anything out of reach. I really got to play with my machine settings to see what would and wouldn't warp my hems. By following the suggested stitch lengths included in the pattern instructions it really made a world of difference! For the twin needle top stitching I just adjusted my stitch length to longer than my preset and loosened my stitch tension. No two machines are the same, but with a little bit of play I think it's very achievable!

This is an image of a woman wearing a pinkish purple shirt standing in front of sunflowers outside.

This was also my first time using a rotary cutter and mat to cut out a knit pattern. Amazing! I took my time, followed every curve, and was blown away with how less stressful it was to get more precise cuts. I couldn't find any pattern weights around my house (and it was too late to hit the hardware store for washers) so I ended up using some brass animal figurines I've been collecting. I think it might have made the cutest sewing hack ever?

This is an image of several fabrics with brass animal figurines on top of them.

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