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Rae’s Holiday Table Runner

The holidays are always centered around the table in my family. Big holidays back home are usually spent going from house to house, eating a delicious feast at each house and seeing loved ones over the course of an evening. I don’t live near my extended family now, but I love to set an open table that my neighbors and friends can show up to whenever they please and warm their hearts and bellies! This table runner is an easy, stash-busting way to bring a bit of brightness to any holiday spread. This particular piece will be gifted to close friends of mine for Hanukkah!

Photograph taken from above the glass kitchen table to showcase the table runner.  On top of the table runner sits lit candles, in tall candle holders, with pinecones and pine needle bunches intertwined.

Materials + Supplies:

¼ yard of 4 different fabrics
⅓-½ yard for binding (more if cutting on the bias)
1 yard for backing
Crib size batting
Cutting mat
Clear quilting ruler
Rotary cutter

Cut 12 strips that are 2.5” wide and 42” long from your fabric quarters. Sew these strips together lengthwise into two 6-strip panels, using a ¼” seam allowance, pressing seams open. The result is two panels that are approximately 12” wide by 42” long.

To cut your triangles, locate the 60 degree line on your quilting ruler. You may find it helpful to place a bit of painters tape or washi tape along this line to help you with the angle! Between the two panels, you should be able to get around 10 triangles cut out (I used 9 in my sample).

Material triangles on cutting mat with taped ruler to demonstrate how to cut triangles.  Camera angle looking straight down at cutting mat with hands showing how to place the clear ruler properly to cut triangles.

Careful to line the angle up at the tops of all of your triangles so that they don’t come out too small or short!

Material triangles laid out with a clear ruler over top showing them being lined up.  Triangles colors cut in lines of green with metallic sliver, soft yellow, black and red, sewn together to make a triangle.

Now the fun part! Alternate your triangles to get the pattern distribution among them that you want and piece them together using a ¼” seam allowance, pressing seams open. At this point, your runner will resemble a parallelogram. Use your quilting ruler to square up the edges, or leave them if you wish to have a truly unique piece! If your strips don’t line up perfectly, that’s okay! It adds to the visual interest and breaks it up!

Photograph taken looking down at the kitchen table with a table runner.  The table runner is navy blue, white, tan and a deep blue.  There are candles lit in tall glass candle holders with pinecones and pine needle bunches at the base of the candles to create a holiday atmosphere.

Apply backing, quilt, and bind in your preferred method and voila! You have a beautiful table runner for your next holiday get together! Check back in the next few days to find out how to use this method to make a hexagon centerpiece that can be hacked to make a tree skirt! - Rae Gronmark (@trusparkdesigns)

Table runner up close that is designed in triangles opposite directions to create a solid line.  Colors of the table runner are navy blue, white, tan and a deep blue.  The end of the table runner is flipped over to showcase the solid tan backing of the table runner.

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