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Inclusive Croquis for Your Garment Planning Dreams! (Free Download)

Much of the enjoyment of sewing our own garments is the planning phase: choosing the perfect pattern to fill a wardrobe gap, deciding on the right fabrics, coordinating cohesive outfits. We always love this part of the creative process. Many garment sewers find it helpful to sketch "looks" as we plan. Fashion croquis are a great way to jumpstart this process.

Lay flat photograph of two 8x10 papers with 5 spools of various colors of thread.  The left page is a women and the left a man to showing croquis illustrations.

Croquis illustrations are often used by designers as a base for fashion sketches. They are lightly drawn forms with body markings to help guide a sketch on top of them. Traditional fashion croquis are very slim and tall. Nine heads tall, in fact, compared to the average person's ratio of seven-and-a-half heads tall. It's hard for many of us to see our own bodies in this supposed "ideal".

Lay flat photograph showing a man croquis illustration.  The page is laying on a wooden background with orange thread over the upper right had of the page.

As we planned our new Slow Fashion curriculum, we thought it was important to offer croquis for students, but with a wider range of representation. We created these helpful garment planning worksheets, with included croquis in a range of size and gender. We are happy to offer these as free downloads for you to plan your sewing projects!

Two rows croquis all sizes.  First row is women, second row is men.

In addition to an area to sketch your ideas, these worksheets have a place to secure fabric swatches, fields to make notes on measurements, adjustments, pattern choices, notions and any other notes you may need. Marta used the worksheets to sketch floral spring looks for her and her partner. We hope they help you plan your handmade wardrobe, too!

Lay flat photograph showing croquis illustration on the lower left of the page words describing the outfit.  Page is on a dark wooden background.

Find the full range of free Croquis Worksheets here. We'd love for you to tag us on social media with #fancytigercrafts, and show us your own illustrated sewing plans!

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