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Wanderlust Tee: Miranda's Purple and Grey Stripe

We are back today with even more Wanderlust Tee's! Miranda made this fantastic grey and purple stripe version out of organic cotton and hemp jersey that we just can't get enough of.

Pattern: Wanderlust Tee
Materials: 1 yard organic cotton/hemp stripe in gray and purple, 60" wide
Size Made: XL
Modifications: none

I really like the slightly oversized fit of the Wanderlust Tee. I usually like things to be more fitted, but I'm in love with this airy tee. It doesn't feel (and hopefully doesn't look!) like I'm just wearing a big t-shirt - it looks more stylish than that. I especially love my Wanderlust Tee with jeans! Did you know that I own TWO PAIRS of jeans? I think it'll look great with either blue or black denim. I also have a lovely lavender, linen skirt with a handkerchief hem that I think will look really summery and great with my Wanderlust too.

Stripes! Stripes are fun to work with. Plus, you get the opportunity to really get fancy with matching. Usually, my sewing style is more quick and dirty, but I like the chance to get everything just perfect.

My next Wanderlust is definitely going to woven! I also picked up a super slinky sweater knit that's dying to become a pocketless version!

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