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Peach Whiskey Baby Cocktails Mitts

Thea Colman of Baby Cocktails just released a new pattern collection Winter Drinks which features a fun mitts pattern knit up in our Heirloom Romney. Of course, we had to make them!

Heirloom Romney Baby Cocktails Mitts

Pattern: Peach Whiskey by Baby Cocktails, part of the Winter Drinks collection

Yarn: Heirloom Romney, shown in Natural
Size Made: 7 1/2" around
Modifications: none

Heirloom Romney is US grown, milled and dyed 100% Romney yarn. It is a rustic yarn of medium coarseness, making it perfect for mitts. Mitts or mittens made from this yarn will keep your hands warm and dry, and stand up to wear and tear of shoveling snow and scraping windshields during cold winter months.

These new mitts from Thea Colman feature a lovely all-over cable pattern that is simple to execute to great effect. The Romney has great stitch definition and texture making this an ideal yarn for this pattern.

Heirloom Romney

Thea's pattern is knit bottom up with the thumb holes picked up and finished later. There are a few inches of ribbing at the bottom to keep your wrists cozy. Thea gives instructions for easily altering the fit of the mitts to accommodate different sized hands.

The entire collection also has a cowl pattern knit in Quince Osprey and a beautiful hat knit in YOTH Big Sister. The best part? Baby Cocktail patterns are inspired by drinks and this one came from our local distillers Leopold Brothers Peach Whiskey—yum!


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