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Miranda's Dreamy Day Dress

When the new line of batiks from Hoffman came in, I knew I would be making a dress out of this blue-purple (blurple!) cats and stars fabric. Fifty percent of the clothes I've made feature either cats or stars, and eighty percent are with either blue or purple, so the decision was easy. 

Miranda's Blurple Avid Seamstress Day Dress

The Day Dress is new for us from the Avid Seamstress, but a familiar shape to me. I had a lot of fun making it!

Hoffman cat batik

Pattern: The Day Dress by Avid Seamstress
Materials: 2.75 yards Cats batik in Jewel
Size Made: Size 16, view C
Modifications: Contrasting visible zipper instead of invisible zipper

Miranda's Avid Seamstress Day Dress

I have made tons of dresses like this - gathered skirt, fitted bodice, set-in sleeves. The order of operations for the Day Dress was a new path for me. The front and back are done separately, then joined at the shoulder seam and after that, sleeves and facings are added.

The Avid Seamstress Day Dress with contrasting zipper

I loved the use of elastic to gather the skirt into the bodice pieces.  It made the waist seams a breeze!

Breezy Day Dress

This dress will be perfect for every day and for special days! The first day I wore it was the day my pet box turtle Thunderclaw emerged from hibernation!


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