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Miranda's All Seeing Eye Shawl

When Stephen West sent us the Eyeball Shawl pattern to test knit, I jumped at the chance! How could I not love knitting a big huge eyeball?

Miranda with her Stephen West Eyeball Shawl

Pattern: Eyeball Shawl by Stephen West 

Color A: an absolute mystery, but it's black and fingering weight! (Brooklyn Tweed Loft in Cast Iron would work great)
Color B: 1 skein Freia Fingering in Lichen
Color C: 4 skeins Mountain Meadow Cody in White. Currently sold out, but Sincere Sheep Cormo Fingering in Cumulus would be a great substitution and you would only need 2! 

Modifications: garter stripe border

Detail of Freia Fingering in the Eyeball Shawl
The iris is the most fun to knit, especially in this gradient yarn from Freia. I only did a little bit of messing with the colors, because I wanted the greenest green around the pupil.  The white of the eye is especially perfect for traveling! After the pupil and iris are done, there are two wings that extend from either side.  Everything is intuitive, so this design hits the sweet spot between mindless and mindful knitting.

 Eye Want in Chicago

I started this shawl on a plane to Chicago and continued to knit it on trains, buses and waiting outside of record stores all over the city. On one such occasion, my friend Crawford and I went wandering in the Ukrainian Village neighborhood and went into a store because of how many eyeballs we could see looking at us. It's called Eye Want, and it is a specialty eyewear store! My ever-growing Eyeball Shawl and I were amazed to be in such good company! I was too shy to show the proprietor my shawl, but I'm sure she would have understood the pull this shawl has had on me.

Miranda with her Stephen West Eyeball Shawl
Please note: at some point it will freak people out because it looks like your shawl is looking back at them.  

Hidding the Eyeball in the Eyeball Shawl
You can wear it with the pupil proudly peering out, or more like a normal shawl with a weird surprise.

Eyeball Shawl worn as a scarf

Make your own combination! Mine is more like a true human eyeball, but the design is bold enough to read as an eye in any color combination you can imagine.

Stephen West's Eyeball Shawl with Freia Fingering
Here's looking at you!

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