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Marta's Versatile Saltwater Slip Dress

Marta is wearing her Saltwater Slip dress in the color moss. She is wearing a jean jacket and is standing in front of a light yellow brick wall.

Name: Marta
Instagram Handle: @‌_martooth
Pattern: Saltwater Slip Dress by Friday Pattern Co
Size Made: 3x, to account for cutting on the bias
Materials Used: Geneva Cupro/Rayon, Moss 
Modifications: Cut on bias, added front center seam, lengthened the short view by ~3”

Ever since the Saltwater Slip was released I've been wanting to make a bias cut version. I love the simple and elegant silhouette of a slip dress, and think they’re perfectly versatile for dressing up or down, depending on the occasion. I love how this turned out and definitely want to make at least one more- the drape is so good and it feels amazing to wear!

Marta stands in front of a light yellow brick wall wearing her Saltwater Slip dress in the color moss. Her hair is up in a a bun.

I’ve never attempted to make a bias cut dress before this, so I did a bit of research before cutting into my fabric. The internet agreed that sizing up was a good idea to account for the extra downward stretch that cutting on the bias creates, as well as hanging the pieces once I’d cut them. I did both of these things and I think that they definitely helped! The Geneva Cupro is so buttery and fluid to begin with, and cutting on the bias just enhanced these aspects- so much so that when I picked my pieces up after cutting them out they completely warped and I couldn’t even see their shapes anymore…. which was nerve wracking to say the least! With some careful inspection and labeling I was able to determine what was what, and then putting in the front and back seams also helped to add some structure.

This is a close up shot of the front of Marta's Saltwater Slip dress

I should have done some grading between sizes for the hips and bodice to start, because this ended up being laughably too big in the bust once I’d finished it. I’m terrible about taking notes as I’m working on a project, but I think I ended up taking about 4.5” total out of the sides, back, and front bodice- it was worth it. 

Marta is wearing her Saltwater Slip with a light grey short sleeve cropped knit sweater over it.

I love the versatility that a simple slip dress provides. I’ll be wearing this over a tee shirt with sneakers, or over jeans with some chunky sandals or boots for a more a casual feel, layering it under something sheer, or leaning into the simple elegance and pairing it with a more delicate shoe to dress it up. I kind of feel like the styling possibilities are almost endless. I’ve realized recently that I’m lacking dresses that I’m able to dress up for spiffier occasions, so I’m really excited to add this to the mix. 

Marta fixes her hair in a bun while wearing her Saltwater Slip dress with a jean jacket over it

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