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Making No. 4 + Amber's Pathway Pillow Pattern

There is a new Making Magazine out today! This issue’s inspiration is lines. Parallel and converging, natural and manmade, lines tangle and dance around us, carry us through life and point is in the right direction. Lines really are all around us and we are excited to see all the designer interpretations of this theme. Once again, Amber has contributed a patchwork pattern: the Pathway Pillow.

Amber Platzer Corcoran's Pathway Pillow

All photos courtesy Making Magazine

This striking pillow uses inserted flat piping to create broken, parallel lines of patchwork. The off-kilter lines are reminiscent of the natural flow of hand drawn marks, dotted lines, or dashes on a treasure map. Calming in its subtle inconsistencies, the repeating pattern allows a touch of randomness and the hand-making process to influence the finished block.

Pathway Pillow from Making Magazine No. 4

Pattern: Pathway Pillow by Amber Platzer Corcoran from Making No. 4
Materials: One Pathway Pillow Kit OR 1 3/4 yd background fabric, ⅛ yd of main contrast fabric, 1 or 2 scraps at least 1" x 12–21,” 20"  pillow form

Pathway Pillow by Amber Corcoran

The technique of inserting contrasting flat piping makes what seems like intricate patchwork comes together relatively quickly. The piping is pressed to one side or the other, shifting it visually. Like footsteps to and fro, lines march across the pillow.

Pathway Pillow

The pathway pillow is finished by sewing the block into a pillow cover. You may also choose to create multiple pathway blocks and stitch them together into a larger quilt.

Pathway Pillow Kits availavle at Fancy Tiger

Right now we have kits available to make the Pathway Pillow. The kits include everything you need to make the pillow cover. With a copy of Making No. 4: Lines, one pillow form and this kit you can make your own 20" Pathway Pillow!

Back side of the Pathway Pillow

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