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Lauren's Modern Macrame Pillow Cover

It feels like summer in Denver recently so that means it's time for summer crafting. I have put down my knitting in favor of a 'cooler' typer of craft: Macrame! It had been a long time since I've tried macrame but I'm seeing it everywhere these days. My Instagram is full of amazing crafters making beautiful wall hangings or plant holders and it was giving me major craft envy. Once I looked through the new Modern Macrame book, I knew my time had come. 

Modern Macrame Pillow Cover

Pattern: Pillow Cover from Modern Macrame by Emily Katz
Materials: 1 spool of Niroma 5mm cord & 3/4 yard of Cloud9 Glimmer Solid in Pearl for lining 

Back of Lauren Wright's Modern Macrame Pillow Cover

I want to start by saying that even if you aren't into macrame (yet), this book by Emily Katz will convert you. All the designs and photography in the book are so dreamy and beautiful. The projects range from plant holders and placemats to bigger pieces like furniture. There really is something for everyone in this book.

Detail of the macrame knots

The nice thing about the Niroma cotton cord is the sheer quantity per spool (almost 850 ft!) and it makes it easy to accomplish most projects without buying a ton of supplies. After much debating, I really fell in love with the pillow cover and thought it would be a great way to add some crafty style to my home. 

Modern Macrame book

The instructions were very descriptive and I got the hang of the pattern quickly. The main thing I had to work on was keeping my tension even and loose enough to keep the width of the piece consistent. This pillow is created by making one long piece and later folding it in half and stitching up the sides. Once the actual knotting was done it came together in a snap! 

Detail of the light pink sparkle of Cloud9 Glimmer Solids

I chose to make my pillow lining out of the Glimmer Solids fabric to give a subtle sparkle under my pillow. It's just the right touch of modern and fun! I am fully hooked on macrame now. I already have plans to make a hanging lantern from this book as well. If you're looking for a fun summer craft then look no further than macrame! 

Emily Katz

Emily Katz will be joining us for a free meet and greet + book signing event in July. Click here for more details on this upcoming event and stay tuned to our Instagram for exciting Modern Macrame related fun coming this weekend!

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