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Kim's Worsted Mozaika Sweater

This is an image of Kim wearing her Mozaika Sweater in Corrie Worsted Quartz Fume, Rust, and Abalone while standing in front of a tall white fence. Instagram Handle: @diddlysquash_
Pattern Name and Designer: Mozaika by Olga Putano Designs
Size Made: 6
Materials Used: Corrie Worsted in Quartz Fume, Rust, and Abalone
Modifications: Lengthened body by 1”, adjusted gauge for in between sizing


When we first got in the beautiful Corrie Worsted yarn from La Bien Aimee, I was agonizing over what to knit with it first. It comes in such lovely, subtly heathered colors and is so soft, plus it’s so well suited for a variety of projects from colorwork to cables, it was hard narrowing down the options! But when I first saw previews for Mozaika by Olga Putano, I knew it was exactly the project I wanted for this yarn. I waited patiently for the pattern’s release, and then immediately casted on and I think it was well worth the wait! Color selection was a no-brainer, this combo of rusts and lavender has long been a favorite of mine, and Quartz Fume, the main color I chose, is absolutely stunning. But really, with the palette Corrie offers, there were any number of gorgeous color combos that could have worked for this project!This is an image of Kim with her back to the camera wearing her Mozaika sweater in Corrie Worsted Quartz Fume, Rust, and Abalone in front of a tall white fence. One little detail about Corrie Worsted is that despite the name, it’s really more of a light worsted or heavy DK weight yarn, so the gauge will need to be fiddled with to get it to work for patterns designed for typical worsted weight. This ended up working out in my favor, as I wanted my finished sweater to be in between two of the sizes, and knitting the larger of the two with my slightly smaller gauge worked out well. I did still add about 1” to the colorwork of the body of the sweater, due to my being pretty tall. I still have a nice cropped length perfect for pairing with my collection of dresses, skirts, and high waisted pants. This is a close up image of Kim's Mozaika Sweater, focused on the colorwork design on the front and sleeves of the sweater. The pattern was such a joy to work on. I find colorwork very engaging, and it seemed to fly off my needles! Despite the all over design, it’s broken down into several easy to memorize charts that made the knitting a breeze and lengthening quite easy to do. Once you split the bottom-up sweater for the arms, however, you do need to do some flat stranded colorwork, which can be a little tricky but is totally doable! I was so pleased with my sweater, and had so much fun knitting it, that I’m eager to knit more of Olga Putano’s many colorwork designs. This is the colorful sweater I’d been dreaming of for so long, and I’m delighted to have it be a part of my me made wardrobe.  This is an image of Kim wearing her Mozaika Sweater in Corrie Worsted Quartz Fume, Rust, and Abalone while standing in front of a tall white fence.

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