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Kaylee’s Gifty Anorak

If you are looking for the perfect spring jacket, look no further than the Closet Case Kelly Anorak Jacket in Robert Kaufman Ventana Twill. The long length and ample hood will get you through late spring frosts while the stable, but not overly heavy twill is light enough for the warmer weather ahead!

Kelly Anorak in Robert Kaufman Ventana Twill Grey

Pattern: Kelly Anorak Jacket by Closet Case Patterns
Materials: Robert Kaufman Ventana Twill in Grey, Kelly Anorak Hardware Kit in Antique Brass

Last fall I made a Kelly Anorak for myself and my mom could not stop gushing about how much she loved it. It was not long before Christmas so I got work gathering supplies to make one for her too. We had just started carrying the Ventana Twill by Robert Kaufman and I knew it would be the perfect choice for this semi-structured coat. Bonus, it has the most beautiful texture and comes in tons of awesome colors.

Pocket Detail of the Kelly Anorak Jacket

I originally planned on making it in the bright and bold Brick Brown color (which would have been completely amazing), but I decided to go with the more muted Grey color and play it safe since it was going to be a gift. I was completely satisfied with the finished look, but  I still have dreams of a Brick Brown Anorak so maybe someday it will also exist….or maybe after reading this someone else will make it so I don’t have to ;)

Neckline of the Kelly Anorak by Closet Case Patterns

The finishing details of the Anorak are completely professional, inside and out. Sometimes the interior of my garments give away their secret handmade beginnings, but that is definitely not the case on this jacket. People will not believe that it is a handmade jacket!

Detail of the Kelly Anorak Hardware

The Closet Case hardware kits are so convenient, really elevate the finish of this already awesome jacket, and make rounding up a large number of specific notions super simple. I can’t recommend them enough! If you are planning on making one of these coats, save yourself some hassle and just get the kit.

Grey Kelly Anorak Jacket

This was a bit of an extravagant jacket to gift away since it is time-consuming to pull together, but if anybody appreciates/deserves something this special, it’s my mom! 

Laura wearing her Kelly Anorak

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