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Closet Core Jenny Overalls

Overalls might be one of my favorite things to wear AND sew! I think this is my 4th pair of overalls.

Jenny Overalls

Pattern: Closet Case Patterns Jenny Trousers & Overalls
Materials: Lightweight Cotton/Hemp Denim (sold out but this Cotton/Linen Denim would make a great substitute)
Size Made: 14

Back View of the Jenny Overalls

I’ve been calling this pair my Fancy Overalls. They are nice enough that I feel good wearing them to work! I think the proportions help out on that front - high waist and wide legs always look fancier to me. And is it just me, or do these make me look taller??

Wide leg overalls

I made the tester version of these, so there are a few changes to the final pattern from what I’m wearing.
I made a size 14 cropped length - which is the size I’ve made in the Ginger jeans. But, I think this pattern runs slightly smaller than the Ginger jeans, Heather said it’s based on a different block. My body is much more square than most pattern companies draft for, so if a size fits my waist then it will fit my hips, and with this pattern that worked well for me. As you can see, these definitely don’t look cropped. So in the final pattern, the cropped length is actually 1.5” shorter than this. But, again, that’s typical for me with Closet Case patterns. I have to take 4”-6” off of the Ginger Jeans to get my preferred length. What can I say, I’m kinda short!

Back Pockets on the Jenny Overalls

I used a lightweight denim that’s half cotton and half hemp. Since the legs are so wide, I’d recommend lighter weight fabrics for the full-length pattern. Or something with a bit of drape and flow to it. I’ve got some regular denim that I’m planning to make a shorts version for summer! I think just about any bottom weight fabric would work for the shorts since they don’t have legs that need to drape and flow as you wear them. These would look amazing in black linen!

 Overall Top

The instructions for this pattern are great! The zipper is probably the hardest part, and it’s a pretty straightforward lapped side zipper. It’s also an easier pattern for beginner pants making - you only need the hips and waist to fit and the rest hangs from there, so fitting them isn’t as hard. In fact, I didn’t change anything to get these to fit!

 Pocket Detail

The Jenny Overalls are now in constant rotation in my me-made wardrobe and I couldn’t be happier!

Sara Victory Toe Tap

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