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Jaime's Wiksten Shift Top x 2

Jaime has already sewn up a batch of Wiksten Shifts, including two top versions that are perfect for summer. Read more for info on the Black Silk version and the Nani Iro Linen version with 3/4-length sleeves. We love seeing how this top sews up in two very different fabrics. 

Jaime's Basic Black Silk TeeBlack silk tshirt Wiskten Shift PatternFabric: Sandwashed Silk Viscose in Black
Pattern: Wiksten Shift Top Short Sleeve Version
Size Made: 6side view of wiksten shift pattern tshirt viewMy first Wiksten Shift was a simple black top. I had this sandwashed silk cut and waiting for a shirt, and this pattern was the perfect fit. It is simple enough to not be too fiddly and the design is classic enough to be worn for a long time. I decided to handstitch the neckline down as I didn't trust the machine with this slick fabric. I love this top. I feel like the fabric elevates my daily uniform to a slightly more sophisticated look, which is totally what I was going for. 

Jaime's full outfit featuring her black silk wiksten tshirt

Jaime's Nani Iro Linen Wiksten TopJaime's Nani Iro Linen Wiksten Shift Tee Top side viewFabric: Nani Iro Harbe Linen Sheeting
Pattern: Wiksten Shift 3/4 Sleeve Top
Size Made: 6

Front view of wiksten shift top version in nani iro linenMy second Wiksten Shift was the perfect storm of a new collection of Nani Iro coming in the same time as this pattern release. Why yes, I will make a Nani Iro Shift shirt! I chose to try the 3/4 sleeve this time. Still love it. This crisp linen was so much easier to work with on the hems and neckline than my first silk top. me's Nani Iro Linen Wiksten Shift Tee Top full view

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