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Harriot Fen and Brome

The new Carolyn Freidlander collection, Harriot, is here with so much yarn-dyed, woven goodness. We have been longtime fans of Carolyn’s unique print designs and this is her first time designing a collection of woven yarn-dyes for Robert Kaufman. Folks, it’s pretty dreamy. The colors and designs are unusual, simple and interesting--everything we’ve come to love and expect from Carolyn. The hand of the fabrics is varied and they each will shine in their own way for use in quilts or garments. Jaime and I each whipped up one of our own Fancy Tiger Crafts garment patterns, Fen and Brome.

Two women standing in front of an off-white wall outside. One wears jeans and a light plaid button up shirt, and the other wears a light brownish knee-length dress with 3/4 sleeves and a gathered waist with pockets.

Amber’s Thin Check Brome Button Up

Pattern: Brome View A
Fabric: Harriot Thin Check Yarn Dyed in Lingerie
Size Made: 8
Modifications: None

Woman wearing a button up shirt in a very pale peach, subtle plaid, standing in front of an off-white wall. The shirt is a gently gathered at the yoke, long sleeved and has a minimal band collar.

Thin Check, one of Harroit’s woven plaids, is perfectly suited for a crisp shirt like the Brome button up. The plaid is understated and the colors are easy going, but a little outside of what you might usually find, which makes me love them so, so much!

Detail of the yoke of the Brome button up. Woman looking down, the plaid on the yoke is on the bias, while the rest of the shirt, the plaid is on the straight grain.

The yoke pattern pieces in Brome include an optional marking for placing your piece on the bias. It’s intended for use with plaid fabrics, so of course I was excited to cut my yokes on the bias. I really love this button up and--since it's equally at home under wool sweaters or with rolled up sleeves and shorts--I know it will get a lot of wear throughout the seasons. 

Woman standing in front of an off white wall in jeans and a very pale peach button up shirt. She smiles and looks off to the left with one hand on her hip.

Jaime’s Plain Weave Fen Dress

Pattern: Fen View B
Fabric: Harriot Thick Woven Yarn Dyed in Spice
Size Made: 6
Modifications: None

Woman in a pale brown, subtly textured dress. She stands outside in front of an off white wall. One hand is in a pocket, the dress is knee length, gathered at the waist, drop shoulder with 3/4 length sleeves and a scoop neckline.

I love a good plain weave fabric and these Thick Woven Yarn Dyes are the best! This color, Spice, has a mint warp and rust weft making for a beautiful, subtle, textural fabric. The hand is the thickest of all the Harriot Yarn Dyed line making it great for garments that need a bit more structure, like skirts, dresses and pants. I made a Fen Dress and it’s a perfect match.

Detail of the waist and pockets of the Fen dress. It shows a close up of the subtly textured, plain weave fabric, and Jaime's hands in the waist pockets.

This is such a classic and easy pattern. I chose to make mine with the long sleeve and rounded neck options. The resulting dress is a simple and classic woven dress.

Close up of woman in a pale brown, subtly textured dress. She stands outside in front of an off white wall, and is turned to the side.

After much anticipation, we are so excited welcome Harriot to the shop. We can’t wait to see all the amazing things you all make! There is also a coordinating line of prints - check out all the Harriot goodness here. (Note: A few fabrics from this line are still on their way, and should be arriving within the next couple weeks!)

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