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Halus Hat Two Ways

If you follow us on Instagram you may have seen when we all went a little crazy a few weeks back and attempted a one day knit along after the BT Winter 16 release. While we didn’t all make it in exactly 24 hours, the Halus hat still came together amazingly quick and we think you will agree that the results were equally amazing too.

Pattern: Halus by Jared Flood
Yarn: 1 skein of Quarry by Brooklyn Tweed OR 1 skein of Tosh DK by Madelinetosh

The construction of this hat is very unique which makes it super fun to knit up. The drop stitch chain that you do just before finishing totally transforms the piece and adds some serious wow-factor, and also a little "Oh jeez, I hope I'm doing this right" terror. In the end, the instructions are very clear and it all works out fantastic.

The ladies of Fancy Tiger Crafts did the Halus hat two different ways. Some knit this baby up in bulky, rugged Quarry which is what the pattern calls for. A few others tested it out in the more sleek and shiny Madelinetosh DK. The outcomes were very different, but both were extremely successful.

The Hauls hat knit up with Brooklyn Tweed Quarry yields a tall, roomy hat with tons of rustic texture that you can only get from Brooklyn Tweed.

When knit with Madelinetosh DK it is definitely a more sleek, tight fitting hat and the pattern is more stretched out so the secrets of the design begin to show. Not to mention the ever bold color options that Tosh DK offers. Those that used Madelinetosh did go down one needle size for each of the recommended needles to compensate for the lighter yarn.

So what is the takeaway from our one day knit along? 1) Twenty four hours probably isn't really enough to knit a hat, no matter how much you want it to be 2) Both Brooklyn Tweed and Quarry work amazing in this hat and we want to knit up a dozen more of them in each yarn 3) Having matching hats with your co-workers is fun!

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