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Field Trip Hat + Loome Pom-Pom Tutorial

Nothing says fun and whimsical like Knit Collage yarns! Just add a few jumbo pom-poms, made with the cutest little pom-pom maker, and you have the recipe for one of the most charming and lively hats you have ever seen!

Laura wearing the Field Trip Hat made with Knit Collage yarn

Pattern: Field Trip Hat by Cheryl Kubat
Materials: 1 skein Knit Collage Spun Cloud yarn in Into the Jungle,
Loome Slingshot XL, Loome Robot Model

Detail of Knit Collage Spun Cloud Yarn

Spun Cloud's beautiful, slubby texture with sparkly plied lurex definitely stands on its own. It is not the kind of yarn that needs fancy knit work and patterns. Though it is a super bulky yarn, the fabric it makes when knit up is surprisingly light and lofty. The perfect balance of chunky comfort.

Field Trip Hat with ear flaps and pom-poms

Part of what makes this hat completely great is that it has not one, but three pom-poms on it! Fancy Tiger just started carrying some really awesome new tools from Loome. The idea is that one little wooden tool can make a variety of things like small weavings, bracelets, tassels and pom-poms. They are fun to play with and have so many possibilities! Check out how quick and easy it is to make the perfect pom-pom.

How to use a Loome to make a pom-pom


It really is as simple as wrap, tie and cut! The trick is to make sure you use plenty of yarn. The top pom on this hat uses 50 grams of yarn. As with any pom-pom, the most important step comes at the end though. Giving your pom a nice haircut is the only way to have that round and perfect look.

Loome Slingshot XL and Loome Robot Model with pom-poms

For this hat we used two different sizes of Loome to create our pom-poms. The larger pom on the top was made using the Slingshot XL and the two smaller poms were made with the larger side of the Robot Model.


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