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Fancy Tiger Crafts Punch Needle Pillows

For the first time ever we have ventured into punch needle design with the Orbs, Peaks and Geo Pillow Kits. Amber’s three unique pillow designs dance the line of playful and modern with a blend of geometric and naturally inspired shapes that combine in a variety of color palates to suit the style and decor of any home. We are so excited about this new addition to the Fancy Tiger brand. Thanks for a wonderful response so far. We are so glad you are loving them as much as we do!

Peaks Punch Needle Pillow

All of our new kits optionally include a #10 Regular Oxford Punch Needle Tool which is a great add-on for beginners. Already an experienced puncher? Select the tool-free kit for a more economical option better suited to your needs.

Peaks Punch Needle Pillow Kit Contents

Kits include pre-printed monks cloth that helps get your project underway as fast as you can get your fabric situated in a frame. The perfect amount of Heirloom Romney yarn is pre-weighed and packed in your kit to minimize waste and cost. All you need is a little know-how and a can-do spirit.

Geo Punch Needle Pillow

If you are new to punch needle these kits are definitely a great jumping off point, but we have also assembled few tips to help point you in the direction of success.

  • Read the booklet included with your Oxford Punch Needle. There is a wealth of information included that you will find helpful if you are brand new to punch needle.
  • Keep your monks cloth/burlap taut with your frame/hoop
  • Push the punch needle all the way to the hilt of the tool for even and consistent loops
  • If using monks cloth, it is helpful to punch into every other square. On the following row, punch into the adjacent holes,  as if  laying bricks, so that on the right/fluffy side you don’t end up with white space showing
  • To keep a clean wrong side/back, never pull your needle up and away from the cloth/burlap. Simply slide the tip of your needle to the next square
  • Keep your workspace clear so that your yarn does not get caught on anything - if it gets stuck, it could pull out the yarn and all your hard work

Orbs Punch Needle Pillow

If you are new to punch needle, or gifting the kit to someone that is, we also recommend purchasing either an 18” embroidery hoop or Q-Snaps to get started. 

Shop Fancy Tiger Crafts Punch Needle Kits online now. 

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