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Fall Dresses: Kaylee's Southwestern Helmi

Summer is always a wonderful time of year that we wait for months to arrive. If you are like us though, it is time to start prepping your wardrobe for the colder months that are approaching. That’s why today we are kicking off a whole week of perfect fall dresses. We start with Kaylee’s Helmi Tunic by Named Clothing.

Kaylee's Helmi Tunic by Named Clothing

The minuet we got April Rhodes new line of Arizona After fabrics, I knew the beautiful burnt orange Rayon Ojos would have to be mine. I wanted a garment that would take me into fall since the color of the fabric seems to fit so perfectly in the season. I also wanted something casual enough that I could wear it all the time, but not too casual since the fabric is so luxurious. The Helmi Tunic by Named Clothing seemed to be the perfect match, so I bought some yardage and got sewing.

Helmi Tunic in April Rhodes Rayon Ojos

Pattern: Helmi Tunic by Named Clothing
Materials: April Rhodes Rayon Ojos by Art Gallery Fabrics
Size Made: 44 at the top, graded out to a size 50
Modifications: None

Hidden Button Band on Helmi Tunic by Named Clothing

This dress comes together pretty quickly. It was my first time working with a Named Clothing pattern, and the instructions were great. As long as you read all the notes before you start on you start sewing, which I have a bad habit of skipping/skimming, you will be in great shape. The hidden button band was a new technique to me, but the construction is ingenious and was super simple to execute. If you can make a regular button band, you can definitely conquer a hidden one!

Rayon Helmi Tunic blowing in the breeze

I was a little anxious about sewing the mandarin style collar and button band out of this rayon fabric, but it was actually a breeze. I was worried it would be slippery and make these finer details difficult, but it was honestly almost the same as sewing with a quilting cotton. After such an excellent experience, I am eager to work with other Art Gallery Rayons in the future.

Kaylee's Helmi Tunic

The love the length of the Helmi Tunic. Often times when I complete garments, I get them finished and wish they were about 2” longer. Not the case with this dress! It has a nice hem that sits long in the front and back and is cut higher on the sides to give it some interest and keeps you from feeling too boxed in around the knees. It is such an elegant look without exposing as much leg which I like.

Check back Wednesday to see another dress perfect for Fall, Kelly’s Penny Dress by Colette.


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