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Elyse's Alice Cable Scarf

I was given the challenge to choose any pattern in the store, as long as I could get the project done in a month. As I was exploring books and magazines, the idea that any of these patterns could be featured for my first post on the Fancy Tiger blog was exhilarating. Then the possibilities started to add up and they didn’t stop. The overwhelming choices almost paralyzed me.


Woman with pink mohawk wearing mustard-yellow scarf, standing in front of a dark brown garage door.

Then, as I was exploring our wonderful books in store, the K-N-I-T H-O-W book by Pom Pom Publishing caught my eye.  With it’s simplistic design and easy to do knits that range from mittens to beanies, to an elegant cable scarf, I was entranced and intrigued.  I wanted to give myself both a challenge and a semi-easy project that I knew I could get done within the time frame. I chose the Alice Cable Scarf from the book. Once I had my tools, I enthusiastically began this challenge.  

Woman with pink mohawk wearing mustard-yellow cabled scarf.

I used the warm Germantown worsted weight yarn from Kelbourne Woolens. The label suggested to use sizes US 6-9 for knitting. I chose size 8 for the scarf and used Honey as the color from Germantown. I was able to completely use up two skeins for my scarf. I personally choose not make a swatch. I knew that I would enjoy the outcome of this scarf with the needle size I selected.

Detail of a handknit, mustard-yellow cabled scarf.

The pattern is knit flat, which was a nice break from the usual knit-in-the-round projects I’ve recently selected. After the border, the pattern dives into a 1-8 row repeat. These first few rows were definitely challenging because of the various slip stitches and holding the cable knits either in the back or the front.  This was the first project where I worked with a mirrored cable design. I did notice that my tension for my knits held in the back were tighter than the ones that were held in the front. This annoyed me at first, since the row didn’t feel cohesive. But as in life, I just kept going. Eventually, the cables worked themselves out and once I blocked the scarf, the tension was barely noticeable.

Woman with pink mohawk wearing mustard-yellow cabled scarf, standing in front of a dark brown garage door.

As a crafter, I’m often hard on myself, especially when it involves new techniques.  I constantly need to remind myself that I am enough and that I can only get better with time.  The best part of crafting, is crafting. To allow myself the space to make mistakes which opens myself to becoming a better maker. I know that my time here at Fancy Tiger Crafts is incredibly special. The people that surround me are here to help.

Woman standing with arms spread out like she is going to fly, because she loves her handknit scarf.

As I continue to grow, I can only imagine what adventures my craft will lead me.

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