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Constellations: Tarot Cloth

I was honored to contribute two projects to Amber's Constellations book. Her zodiac constellation blocks are beautiful and the perfect inspiration for projects. One of my favorite uses of these blocks is as a Tarot Cloth or Altar Cloth. 

Jaime Pulling a card from her Tarot deck on top of her Constellations Tarot Cloth

Pattern: Tarot Cloth from Constellations: 12 Pieced Astrological Blocks, 8 Personalized Sewing Projects
Fabric: Viscose Batiste in Taupe and Black 

Taupe side of the Constellations Tarot Cloth with stones

I choose to use a drapey fabric for this project - our rayon Viscose Batiste was perfect. This cloth is reversible - one side uses a dark fabric as a background and one uses a light fabric. I am Scorpio Sun and Moon so I choose to make both of my blocks using the Scorpio Block. You might choose to make the light side corresponding with your sun sign and the dark side of your moon sign. You might be really ambitious and make 12 of these cloths and use the one that corresponds with the current sign. 

Taupe Alter Cloth set up with candles and stonesDark side of the Tarot Cloth with Jaime doing a reading

I use this cloth in several ways. The most basic is for tarot readings. The cloth also makes a lovely wrap to protect your tarot deck when not in use. The 20" size of the blocks is a perfect canvas for many different readings. My go-to is a three card reading. You could assign meanings to the three cards such as past/present/future, body/mind/spirit, or situation/action/outcome.

Taupe side of the Constellations Alter/Tarot Cloth

This cloth also works great as an altar cloth. If you're working with the moon, you might choose to have the dark side up for new moon and the light side up during full moons. When used intentionally, the Tarot Cloth is going to amplify the power of all your magic work. Enjoy and blessings!

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