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Constellations: Mix and Match Astrological Baby Quilt

Just a few months after my niece Elowyn was born, I was working on the projects for Constellations: 12 Pieced Astrological Blocks, 8 Personalized Sewing Projects. Of course, this inspired me to include a baby quilt especially for her. The softness of this hand-tied quilt has a sweet nostalgia. When we were small, my sister and I both had wholecloth, hand-tied quilts made for us by our grandmother. It's a simple way to finish a small turned quilt, and the result is lovely. 

Elowyn sitting on her Constellations Baby Quilt

Pattern: Mix and Match Astrological Quilt from Constellations: 12 Pieced Astrological Blocks, 8 Personalized Sewing Projects
Materials: 3 yards Kiyohara Linen Navy, 1/8 yard Naomi Ito Solid Linen Citrus, 42" x 46" batting
Size: Baby Quilt

Constellation Baby Quilt hanging from a tree

The Mix and Match Astrological Quilt is a choose-your-own-adventure type of project. You can pick from five different quilt sizes that range from Baby all the way up to King, use just one constellation block or pick up to nine for the King size. It is completely customizable so you can make the perfect quilt for you.

Detail of hand stitched Elowyn on the bottom of the Constellation Quilt

Constellations includes instructions for this "Star Stitch Quilt Tying Technique", which ties the layers together while adding a starry sky behind your constellation patchwork. The book also includes instructions for a few basic embroidery stitches which can be used to embellish your projects with names or special dates, making a gift even more personalized.

Elowyn reading a book on top of her Constellation Quilt

Now that Elowyn is two, the quilt is the perfect place and just the right size for one of her favorite pastimes, reading books. 

Sun dappled Constellation Quilt laying in the grass

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