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Connie's Dreamy Aubade Pullover

Connie looks off into the distance wearing her Aubade pullover and long white skirt. She stands in front of a pink cherry tree and is holding a bouquet of tulips.

Connie is one of our local brand ambassadors focused on knitting. Her lovely makes have been a joy to follow. For more projects created by Connie, visit her instagram at @conniemakesthings 

Instagram Handle: @conniemakesthings
Pattern: Aubade by Nataliya Sinelshchikova featured in Pom Pom Quarterly, Issue 32: Spring 2020
Yarn: BC Garn Bio Balance (fingering) & Berroco Aerial (lace)
Size: 2
Modification: None 

It’s such an honor to be part of Fancy Tiger’s Brand Ambassador team again! This time I chose Aubade by Nataliya Sinelshchikova. It was from the Pom Pom Quarterly Spring 2020 issue. This pattern has been sitting in my queue since it was released and I was intrigued by its intricacy. I am glad I finally have the opportunity to give this project a shot!  

This a close up shot of the back of Connie's Aubade sweater. She holds a navy wide prim hat in her hands.

I was really intimidated by the pattern description. I don’t know how many times I looked at the description since I added this project to my Ravelry queue! For some reason, two colors and two types of yarn really confused me. I had a real hard time figuring out which color was MC and which was CC. I debated to just go with DK instead of combining a fingering weight and a lace weight. In the end, I chose BC Garn Bio Balance for the fingering weight and Berroco Aerial for the lace! 

Connie looks down at the bouquet of tulips she's holding. She is wearing her Aubade pullover and long white skirt. She stands in front of a pink cherry tree.

BC Garn Bio Balance is 55% wool and 45% organic cotton. It’s really soft and seemed perfect for spring! I used Skylight as MC and Taupe as CC. I used two skeins for each color. For the lace weight, I used Silver as MC and Driftwood as CC. Three skeins of MC and two skeins of CC. 

This is a close up shot of Connie's Aubade sweater. Branches from the cherry tree surrounds her.

Before actually diving in the pattern, I was also a bit intimidated by the intricacy of the design. However, once I started the project, it was actually incredibly easy. I am always amazed by designers who use simple techniques to come up with interesting designs. For this pattern, it was just wrap your needle a few times and slip in the next row. 

This is a close up shot of Connie wearing her Aubade pullover while cradling a bouquet of tulips.

The most difficult part of knitting this project was keeping the two strings of yarn together. I am the type of knitter who doesn’t look at my needles when I am knitting stockinette. In this case, there would be times when I looked back on my work, some stitches were only hanging on the lace - somehow I missed the fingering weight!

Connie smiles at the camera while wearing her Aubade sweater and wearing a long white skirt. She stands in front of a cherry tree and is holding a dark navy wide brim hat.

The finishing measurements are 46 inches around the body and 20 inches from shoulder to bottom. I’m happy how this pullover turned out and I love the folded hem to finish the project!

Now moving on to the next project. 🙂

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