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Caitlin's Noodlehead Makeup Case

Every once in a while a book comes into the shop that I just have to take home. Anna Graham's Handmade Style is no exception. Her designs are classic yet modern, and her attention to detail elevates every single project to pure handmade perfection. I am seriously considering attempting every project in this book, but I decided to start with the Makeup Travel Case. My sister specifically asked for a handmade makeup bag for Christmas, so how could I say no to that?

Handmade Style Makeup Case

Pattern: Makeup Travel Case from Handmade Style by Anna Graham
Fabric: 1/2 yard XOXO in Rashida Cobalt, 1/2 yard Dottie in Kerchief, 1/2 yard Chambray in Blue
Interfacing: 1/2 yard Duck Cloth Canvas, (available in store: Pellon 72F double-sided fusible interfacing, quilt batting)
Notions: 30" double slide zipper, (available in store: bias tape, 1/8" piping cord, stitch-witchery, twill tape,12" zipper, 1/4" elastic)

Travel Makup Case from Handmade Style

The cutting list felt a little daunting. With pieces for the exterior, lining, pockets, canvas interfacing, fusible interfacing, AND batting (not to mention that piping), I kind of felt like the list would never end. But I knew the results would be worth it, so I forged ahead.

Noodlehead's Travel Makeup Case

Learn from my mistakes and take Anna's instructions to heart! She tells you to trace your pieces onto the fabric before cutting, but I dove right in and needed an extra 1/4 yard for the exterior and lining to fit all my pieces. If I had taken my time and planned the cutting layout to begin with, a 1/2 yard would have been just fine. Once I had everything cut and organized, sewing was the fun part!

Cotton + Steel Makup Case

The exterior panels are quilted, so I got to play with my walking foot. For the top and bottom I quilted between the pattern so as not to detract from the X design.

It has been a few years since I've sewn with piping, and this is the first time I've actually made my own. Anna includes instructions for making your own with bias tape, cording, and stitch-witchery, so I grabbed a coordinating striped bias tape and got to work! The fusible stitch witchery made it so easy! Attaching that piping between layers was not quite as easy for my old machine. It did OK, but I had a hard time achieving the perfect stitch tension through all those bulky layers. Once I turned the bag right-side out, you can see the stitches pulling around the piping. C'est la vie. I know it just takes practice and the next time should be a little easier.

The inside seams are concealed with twill tape, which I stitched by hand. You could also use bias tape for a clean finish.

The finished product is so great! It's bigger than I expected, which makes it perfect for travel. If I were to make it for myself, I think I might even use it as a stitching bag to haul my small hand-sewing projects around.

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