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Caitlin and Jennifer Get CozyBlue

One of the perks of working at Fancy Tiger is meeting some of the amazing people in our crafty community. Liz over at Cozy Blue is one of the sweetest and charming ladies and her designs are no different. Caitlin thought her Family Tree embroidery would be the perfect gift for her outdoorsy, Colorado-loving friends and Jennifer tried her hand at embroidery for the very first time with the Sea Captain.

CozyBlue Family Tree Embroidery

Caitlin's Family Tree
The great thing about the Family Tree pattern is it is completely customizable. There are several leaf patterns to choose from, so you can add as many leaves as you need for children, grandchildren, or fur-babies. I took a cue from Liz's example on the front cover, and added "est. 2016" to commemorate their big year ~ which included a wedding and the addition of their sweet son.

Leaf detail from Cozy Blue Family Tree Embroidery Pattern

The pattern is transferred with the heat of the iron.  Simply cut out the trunk, place face down on your fabric, and press until the image transfers.  Then do the same for the leaves. I used a simple back stitch for the entire hoop, but I think a split stitch or stem stitch would be nice for the leaves. You can add whatever words you like, so it's nice to have a water-soluble or air-erasable marking tool nearby.

CozyBlue Family Tree Embrodiery Pattern

Once you're done, stand back and admire your work. Those tree rings were maybe a bit more work than you had anticipated, but the end result is well worth it. Your custom family tree will look great framed in an embroidery hoop and hung on the wall, but it could also be made into a cute throw pillow or incorporated into your next quilt!

Jennifer's Sea Captain
The great thing about Cozy Blue (especially when you are new to a craft), is that they offer all in one kits. Everything you need is right there in the box! The Sea Captain is one such kit.

Sea Captain CozyBlue Embroidery Kit

Although the kit includes blue thread for the entire piece, Jennifer opted to use a golden thread for all of the Captain's hair. Such a fun way to make the piece one of a kind!

Detail of the Sea Captain's Hat

We can't get over just how great all those little stitches look. It's hard to believe that this was Jennifer's very first attempt at embroidery.

Cozy Blue Sea Captain Embroidery

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