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Britney's Jersey Tendril

The Tendril Dress pattern by A Verb For Keeping Warm is such a great, simple dress that looks good in every fabric and on everybody. I have been doing a little bit of stash blasting lately and I wanted a really simple dress that would sew up quickly with very few pieces to trace and cut, so obviously the Tendril Dress fit that bill. I also wanted something that looked good on and made me feel good when I wear it. It fit that bill too!

A Verb for Keeping Warm Tendril Dress

Pattern name / designer: Tendril Dress by A Verb For Keeping Warm
Materials: Jersey Knit Fabric
Size made: 37" bust
Modifications: 3" off length and hi-low hem

I had a 3 yard cut of this amazing woodland jersey in my stash and I figured since the pattern called for cutting woven fabric on the bias, I could get away with using it cut on grain. And I was right! It came out so spot on in the fit. Sadly we no longer sell this wonderful print, but I think this little jersey fox print could be a really fun alternative.

When I got done sewing I loved everything except the length. After taking 3" off the bottom and adding a high low hem I was in dress heaven. I probably should have made the decision to make it a high low hem before chopping off the extra length, but as we have all learned (the hard way) un-cutting fabric isn't an option so I just went for it. It's a little too saucy now to wear as a dress, but adding leggings makes it the perfect spring outfit.

This was my first time using a double needle, and I'm so grateful that there were other Tigresses hanging around that night to help me out with some pointers. This pattern can definitely be wrangled by beginner sewers who are maybe a little scared of jersey knit fabrics, but jersey happens to be my absolute favorite thing to sew with.

The finished dress is so flattering and can be paired with leggings, belt, jean jacket, sweater, etc. This is definitely a new staple dress in my wardrobe!

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