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Amber's Rustic Atlantica

What an epic sweater knit-along! I've been long overdue for another Icelandic Lopi wool sweater in my wardrobe, so I was very excited when this beautiful, textured sweater, Atlantica by Audrey Borrego, was published last fall in Pom Pom magazine. Designed for lace-weight Lopi Einband yarn, and knit with intricate cables, bobble, and lace, Atlantica is both a wonderful challenge, and features the wool-nerdiest-wool—the perfect choice for our 7th annual sweater knit-along!

 Amber stands smiling with her head tilted, wearing jeans, and a denim shirt under her hand knit Atlantic pullover. Her right hand gently grasps the bottom hem of her deep brown, textured sweater. Behind her is a brick wall painted in a patchwork of taupe hues.

Pattern: Atlantica by Audrey Borrego

Yarn: Einband in Brown and Black Heather (5 each)
Size Made: 2 (39 1/4")
Modifications: Picked up 20 extra collar stitches and knit 1" extra length to collar

Amber is turned away, showing the back of her brown hand knit sweater is intricately textured with cables, lace and bobbles. Her blonde hair is up in a topknot and she wears blue jeans and an indigo button up under her hand-knit sweater. Behind her a painted brick wall is a patchwork of taupe hues.

The pattern uses two strands held together. I chose a dark palette for my Atlantica, using Brown and Black Heather. Choosing my colors was the most difficult part of this KAL, there were so many gorgeous combinations to contemplate! 

Amber stands in front of a taupe painted wall, looking off to the left. Her hair is in a topknot. Her brown hand knit sweater has long sleeves with a simple reverse stockinette stitch pattern, while the body of the sweater is intricately textures in a pattern of lace, cables and bobbles.

During the first pattern repeat I was a bit worried, because it took a bit of concentration to keep up with what I was doing. I eventually got the hang of reading my knitting and seeing where I was—although with such a large chart, I had to keep the chart handy and refer back to it regularly. 

A close up of the bottom hem, sleeve and sleeve cuff of Amber's Atlantica pullover. The cuff is folded up and a bit of her denim button-up sleeve peeks out of the cuff.

I thought I might have to knit extra length on the sleeves—I usually do need a little extra length—but the sleeve length as just perfect as written. I'm wearing the cuff folded here, but it looks great unfolded which adds a little more length as well. 

Several knit-alongers (who were way ahead of me on their sweater) mentioned they felt they needed more stitches when picking up their collar. Taking this helpful advice, I added about 20 stitches to my collar. I then knit the depth of the collar a bit wider to bring the neck in a little more. 

A close up of Amber's neckline on her brown Atlantica sweater. It fits similar to a crewneck, maybe slightly wider.

I love the weight of this sweater! Lopi is renowned for its extreme warmth. We've already had some snowy days since I finished knitting this sweater, and I was immediately impressed with it's protection against chill. I don't think I'll need a jacket when wearing this except for on the most bitter cold days. At the same time, its is pretty lightweight, and not at all stifling when I wear it inside. I do find my skin is more sensitive these days, and I can't wear this sweater against bare skin. I love it over a button up shirt or a heavier long sleeve tee.

Amber has her arms flung wide with a giant goofy grin on her face.  She wears jeans, and brown leather boots along with her brown hand knit Atlantic pullover. Her blonde hair is in a top knot. Behind her is a brick wall painted in a patchwork of taupe hues.

I put another sweater project on pause for this knit-along, and GUESS WHAT! It's another Einband sweater! I'm not the least bit conflicted about that—I can't wait to have two new Lopi beauts in my sweater stash!

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