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Amber's Reversible Brome

Last week we showed you how to make a placket-less, collar-less Brome tank with our simple (and free!) tutorial. Today we are expanding on that idea with our brand new Brome Expansion PDF! If you are looking for even more ways to wear Brome, this pattern expansion is for you! This companion pattern to the Fancy Tiger  Brome walks you through the steps for making a reversible, tea length Brome dress. The simplified collar-less, placket-less construction makes for quick sewing and the double-sided facet of this dress means you will have twice the fun and get twice the use from this classy casual garment. 

Amber's Fine Line Twill Reversible Brome

Pattern: Brome Expansion PDF a companion pattern to Fancy Tiger Crafts Brome by Amber Corcoran
Materials: Natural Fine Line Twill in Royal Navy

When Amber was getting ready for her trip to Portugal, she was looking for the perfect dress to pack. Lightweight, versatile, classy and with a little added coverage for travel comfort. Thus the tea length, reversible Brome was born! We all loved it so much we knew that we had to share it with you. With just a few modifications to your existing Brome pattern you too can have a reversible Brome dress.  

Brome Expansion PDF side 1

Side one is a simple and classic, single tiered, gathered yoke, tea length dress with an optional waist tie. This versatile and classy dress belongs on the village streets of Folgosa da Madalena for a São João's Day Sheep Blessing just as much as it does in a downtown Denver office building. This dress is timeless!

Side two is loaded with fun details and opportunities to personalize. The same flattering silhouette from side one is broken into a two-tiered dress, leaving room to play with reversible and contrasting fabrics. Large, bold patch pockets give plenty of room for holding your phone or keys and can be made to match or contrast the upper dress layer. 

Placket-less, Collar-less Reversible Brome

Amber made her modified Brome from both sides of a 50% Tencel / 50% Cotton reversible fine line twill. This twill has a buttery-soft feel, beautiful drapey hand, and low-maintenance wrinkle thanks to the blend of Tencel fiber plus the bonus dual colored sides. Since Amber made her dress from opposite side of the same reversible fabric on the short dress, the underdress matches the short dress on the tiered side, but you could also use a contrasting fabric for a bold, eclectic look. Just make sure the fabric for the longer/tea length side of your dress is reversible.

Once you’re done dreaming up all the ways you can use this new expansion, don’t forget to share your makes with #fancytigerbrome.

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