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Amber's Nani Iro Double Star Quilt

Naomi Ito's most recent Nani Iro collection features prints in sateen, canvas, sheeting, as well as an abundance of soft double gauze fabrics. I was so happy to get my hands on a coveted bundle of 1/2 meter cuts of each of the 20 double gauzes.

Most of the prints are muted neutrals with fun pops of neon and fantastic bits of pearlescent sheen. These ethereal prints are contrasted by just a few fabrics in deep indigos, teals and slate greys. I divided my bundle into two piles: light prints and dark prints. With the limited amount of dark prints, I decided to design a large central motif on a pale background.

I planned a double eight pointed star for the center of a queen sized quilt. I love the look of this indigo star echoed on itself. The full motif measures 40" x 44", just the right size to nearly fill the top of a bed, with a bit of the soft background framing it out. Around the central star motif, I patchworked the remaining pale fabrics until I had the top the size I wanted--my finished quilt is 90" x 94".

I've made several beloved garments from Nani Iro double gauze, and love working with this soft, cottony fabric. Sewing my patchwork quilt top was a dream, and this turned out to be one cozy quilt!

I chose Brussels Washer, a linen rayon blend from Robert Kaufmann, in a grey-green for my quilt back. The fabric gives the quilt a silky drape and a bit more heft. A skinny strip of Nani Iro scraps run down the center to give a bit of personality to the quilt back.

The large scale patchwork of this project made it come together so quickly! Now, I'm off to snuggle my new quilt.

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