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A Trio of Hostas

Woman in black sweater

Today's blog was written as a collaboration between Aleks, one of our floor Tigers, and Mindy, whom you have known as the face of our social media. Mindy's last day is tomorrow and this blog was such a lovely farewell!


I love when I am asked to make things for others. I paid my rent for one full year making dresses (more accurately, the same dress pattern in many different fabrics) and outrageous overalls for my landlords. So, when Mindy asked if I would make her three Hostas, I enthusiastically said “YES!”

Pattern: Hosta Tee & Sweatshirt
Size Made: Small
Fabric: Bamboo Terry Loop Back and Rayon Cotton Modal Sweater
Modifications: Crew neckband and added length

Woman in sweater with coffee

The Hosta is a super easy pattern to make. The only modification that I made to all three shirts was to add length. For the two loop terry fabrics, I added two inches in length to the front and back, and added a full five inches to the final Hosta. The loop terry is rather thick when sewing together, so to make sure the two layers were fed into the needle at the same time, I used my quilting/walking foot. This definitely made the process so much easier! I then serged all of the visible seams to keep those loopy edges in check, and, ta da--done!

Woman in front of brick wall

There is so much joy when you make something for someone else and they love it! Mindy’s words for all three were, “I’m never taking it off!” I can just imagine Mindy in all three Hostas (plus the ten extras she wants in every color of the Rayon Modal Cotton sweater fabric) out on the lake on her paddle board…


Aleks has made so many beautiful garments that I have photographed in awe. So, when fabric arrived that I just HAD to have in my life, I asked Aleks if I could pay her to sew something for me. To my delight, Aleks said yes! I have learned how to sew over the past year, but I still have some failure to launch with some of my garment makes (my Nani Iro pants are still in the same stage they were 2+ months ago). I needed Hostas faster than two years from now!

Woman in sweatshirt

I often photograph our fabrics and materials in their raw form before they have a chance to be made into their final craft form, and when I was photographing our loop terry fashion fabrics, they had Hosta written all over them. I have always been the girl who could never have too many soft sweaters in my closet, so I asked Aleks to make me three Hostas: Two for the grab-and-go sweaters we all need this time of year, that I chose from our Loop Terry, and a third to be soft, cuddly and elegant from the Rayon Modal Cotton.

Woman on snowy porch

I have gotten in the habit of grabbing my husband Jay’s sweaters and sweatshirts this year. I love the comfort of it, feeling as if I am wrapped up in so much oversized goodness. I asked Aleks to lengthen the third Hosta quite a bit to be like the comfort of one of Jay’s sweatshirts. The drape of this fabric is unbelievable! I dream of the day when I can wear it out and be social again with my friends. It's that flirty and fun “I own the world” type of fabric, while also being great for those “Lazy Saturday with Coffee” types of mornings. As I write this, I’m on day 2 of wearing it--this is easily going to be my favorite sweater I have ever worn. This is a sweater that won’t ever be “out of season” in Colorado. I’m going to need a second Hosta made from this fabric, to keep in my purse at all times to “throw on” when the CO sun goes away and I need that perfect layer on my sunkissed skin... Maybe a third for the early mornings of hitting the lake on my paddleboard as the sun is just greeting the day…

Like I said, there is nothing NOT to love about this sweater. It is everything I have dreamed of and more!

If you want even a lighter version heading into the summer, I would recommend our Bamboo Cotton French Terry!

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