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Jaime's Textured & Fluffy Kelowna Sweater

2019 was my year of textured, fluffy goodness! I made my Soiree sweater with a marled mohair, and my bright brushed alpaca Fortune sweater . I can't get enough of fluff! It's fitting that I ended the year with a surprise knit - a giant mohair sweater that I made in just a few days on the last weekend of the year.

Jaime wearing a black fuzzy wool sweater with her arms out, wearing army green pants standing in front of a white wall.

Pattern: Kelowna Sweater by Tara-Lynn Morrison
Yarn: 7 balls of Loopy Mango Mohair So Soft in Black Magic 
Size Made: S/M
Modifications: Added short row neck shaping

Jaime standing in front of a white wall wearing a black wool sweater with green pants.  Jaime is looking off to the left and smiling.

I've been a long-time admirer of Tara-Lynn Morrison, the designer behind Good Night Day. Her knits are almost always super bulky and edgy, but somehow also classic and simple. I'm so glad I finally made one of her designs. The Kelowna Sweater was written for one of my favorite yarns that delivers maximum fluff: Loopy Mango Mohair So Soft. This super-bulky yarn is an almost 50/50 blend of mohair and merino and it just oozes woolly fuzz. The wool gives it enough memory but doesn't cut into the puff effect of the mohair. The yarn is just drape-y enough.

Close up photograph of a wool black wool sweater.  The vertical photograph is from the top of the shoulder down to the sleeve cuff.  This photograph is showing the fluffy texture.

When I was faced with a long weekend away and 10 hours in the car and no knitting project I picked up some of this yarn and pattern and that was it. A new sweater knit in three days of car time, relaxing-by-the-fire time and just general luxurious down time that is so precious in the busy holiday season. There are a lot of beautiful colors of Mohair So Soft, but I always feel I need more black sweaters in my life so black it was.

Jaime standing in front of a white wall with a black wool sweater, left hand in her pocket and green pants.  Jaime is wearing glasses, smiling and looking down to the left.

I added some short row shaping to the back neck to bring it up and that was my only mod. I might rip out the hem and add an inch or two of length, I'll see how I feel after wearing it a few times.

Photograph close-up showing women with grey air and black sweater on with a simple beaded one stand necklace.  This photograph is showing the knitting of the neckline of the sweater.

Overall I love this yarn and I love wearing this sweater. Mohair So Soft you are glorious!

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