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About the Artist: Sara Guindon and the 10 Year Anniversary Illustration

We have been fans of artist Sara Guindon for many years. Her illustrations have a way of capturing everyday moments--stopping time on scenes that feel very familiar in their details, and elevating the mundane moments of life. When Sara moved from Canada to Denver about 5 years ago, Jaime and I invited her to our craft night to welcome her to Denver. She has become a regular, as well as a friend. For our 10 year anniversary, we asked her to capture our beloved craft night, and Sara's illustration melts our hearts!

One thing we adore about Sara's work is her way of drawing textiles. In many of her pieces, people are wearing sweaters, and Sara illustrates each knitted stitch with care. She has an eye for printed pattern and texture, recreating calicos and florals in her minimal illustrations. We knew her drawing style would be a perfect match for capturing the crafty scene of Craft Night.

Sara's illustration celebrating 10 Years of Fancy Tiger Crafts can be found on this year's limited edition tees and totes, as well as postcards and buttons. Get them while they last!

We hope you love Sara's work as much as we do! Keep up with Sara's endeavors on her website,, and in her shop.

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