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We Woolly are Knerds

We have an unprecedented number of solid and speckled colorways of Knerd String in stock right now and it has us all dreaming sweet sweater dreams. It doesn’t help that Renee, the amazing talent behind locally dyed Knerd Shop yarns, has lent us the softest, most beautiful sample sweaters we have had in the shop in a very long time.  

Blue to Grey So Faded Sweater in Knerd String Fingering Weight Yarn

It is safe to say love both weights of Knerd String. Picking between them would be like choosing our favorite type of cookie…the answer is all of them obviously!  Both are made from luxurious 100% Superwash Merino Wool that blooms wonderfully when washed and blocked and produces a soft and oh-so-drapey fabric. The super soft 3-ply Worsted weight begs to be knit into a sweater but is perfect for wintertime accessories too!  The tightly twisted 4-ply Fingering makes for long-lasting light-weight accessories and sweaters! 

Burnt Orange, Grey and Green striped The Keystone Sweater in Knerd String Worsted

Even our customers can’t resist the call of these sweater sirens. We caught one of our favorite regular customers and inspiring local artist, @andreadolter, in The Keystone Sweater by Tenlee Hotchkiss. Knit up in six skeins of complementary Knerd String Worsted skeins, this striped beauty looks as good around town as it does in the ski lodge. Did we mention that it is sooooo soft? We basically had to pry it off Mary before she left the store (jk, we definitely coerced her to try it on for us!)

Andrea's So Faded Sweater in a Knerd String Fingering Blue to Light Grey Fade

This fingering weight So Faded sweater by Andrea Mowry is what faded sweater dreams are made of. Knit with five skeins of speckles, there is tons of room to customize this pattern and really make it your own. Come in today and build your own fade kit from 4-ply singles! 

Mary wearing the striped Keystone sweater in front of a brick wall

Thanks for the inspiration, Renee. Now we will all be hibernating for the rest of the winter knitting all the sweaters. 

So Faded Sweater in front of a painted beige cinderblock wall

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