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Better Know a Crafter: Sarah Case

Sarah Case is a Denver based artist and designer. Originally from upstate New York, this well-traveled gal has lived in six different states and two different countries. After eight years of running her own jewelry line, in 2010 her focus shifted to a deeper passion. Her Bachelors in Art and Textiles from Utah State University fueled her love of fabric, fibers, sewing, and design. Sarah co-authored Transfer Embellish Stitch: 16 Textile Projects for the Modern Maker, a choose your own adventure textile design and sewing book that hit shelves late 2016. She teaches classes and workshops on techniques in the book, including how to apply custom prints to fabric and how to elevate those prints with embellishment. She has a DeColourant workshop coming up this weekend! Sarah will walk you through the Jacquard deColourant process and help you experiment with applying your own design to fabrics by releasing the color.

Sarah Case

Better Know a Crafter: Sarah Case

Tell us a little about your creative self. What inspires you to create?

As a curious, outgoing person with an overactive imagination, I feel inspired by the people I know, the strangers I meet, and the places I explore.

Tell us about the person/people who taught you to do what you do.

I have had many teachers along the way. Starting with my mother and grandmothers, I learned sewing skills as well as resourcefulness and how to be clever with materials. I loved my Home Economics classes in middle school and remember the deep sense of accomplishment I felt when I made my first dress. At Utah State University I had incredible professors and mentors. I am still learning and that is part of why I love teaching. I learn something from every maker I meet, beginner or expert, we all approach projects from a unique and valuable perspective.

Sarah Case Embroidered Chair

How do you identify most? An artist, a maker, a craftsperson, etc.

This is a great question! I identify with all of these titles, yet none of them really encapsulates. I struggle with what I see as a gap in vocabulary for all the incredibly talented people that are making at high skill levels, many of them doing it for a living, and yet language implies hobby. What is the word for a professional maker? Are we redefining these terms or shall we claim new ones? I sew; clothing, quilts, home goods, costumes, and much more. I draft patterns, teach, apply print to fabric, and have co-authored a book.

Hand-Printed and Embroidered PillowsEmbroidered pillow details by Sarah Case

If you had to pick one thing that drives you as a creative person, what would it be?

The joy I get from bringing my ideas to life is probably my main motivation.

If you had to pick one skill that you are most proud to have learned/accomplished what would it be?

The first thought that comes to mind is that I am most proud to have learned how to cook. It is not something that I am naturally drawn to, but I love good food and I have come to love the process of cooking enough that I can be creative with it. In the sewing realm, I am getting better at sewing without pins, which is a huge time saver.

Hand printed basket by Sarah Case

While you are creating, what is your favorite music to listen to/show to watch?

I have a queue of podcasts and audiobooks that inform and entertain while I sew. Or I listen to one of my randomly compiled playlists that shuffle from jazz and 80’s rap to contemporary indie folk.

Self drafted and sewn garments by Sarah Case

Sarah has declared 2018 the year of her bespoke closet. Her plan is to design, draft and construct at least two garments per month. Keep up with Sarah and handmade wardrobe on her blog.


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