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Better Know a Crafter: Melissa Klein

We have so many crafts to represent here at Fancy Tiger Crafts, and we want to make sure that our macramé artists feel the love! On today's blog, we wanted to highlight a maker in our community and get to know Melissa Klein of Foxfield Designs a bit better. 

Woman in jacket
Photo Credit: Melissa Klein

What inspired you to start making macramé?

When I experienced my first earthquake, I quickly realized that the painting hanging above my bed could be quite dangerous. I began searching for some sort of fiber art to replace the painting, but I couldn’t find a piece that was short and wide to fit the wall space above my headboard. So, I decided to make it myself! I read a blog, watched a couple YouTube videos, and went about making my first macramé wall hanging. It took a lot of trial and error, but I was happy with the way it came out and I couldn’t wait to create a new piece!

Macrame and bed
Photo Credit: Melissa Klein

How long have you been in business?

I honed the craft of making macramé for several years before opening my shop, Foxfield Design, in early August of 2020.

Macrame wall hanging
Photo Credit: Melissa Klein

Are there any special eco-practices built into your business?

I regularly use branches cut from local trees that would otherwise be discarded. Also, when a macramé is complete and evenly trimmed, I collect and save the cord pieces. The longer pieces are saved for future use as fringe and mini macramé cord, and the smaller pieces are saved to be spun into new recycled cord.

Macrame wall hanging
Photo Credit: Melissa Klein

How would you describe your design aesthetic?

Natural, warm, and boho chic. Most of my pieces are custom made for the space and vibe of the customer, so they range from densely knotted and complex to open and calming. I love creating unique pieces that enhance the feeling one wants to have in a space whether it’s “cabin vibes”, Cape Cod, the Crown Jewels, or just a playful, eye-catching plant hanger!

Plant hanger and shelf
Photo Credit: Melissa Klein

If you could only listen to the soundtrack of one Broadway musical for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Les Misérables! I’m a musical nut, so I love this question. Though I would definitely miss the other shows, Les Mis was the first musical I saw on Broadway and I grew up listening to the soundtrack, so it has a special place in my heart. (Runners-up: Hamilton and Wicked)

Macrame wall hanging
Photo Credit: Melissa Klein

To keep up with Melissa and check out her work with Foxfield Design, be sure to follow her on Instagram, and we hope you'll feel inspired to try a little macramé of your own! 

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