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Vernazza Two Piece
Vernazza Two Piece Sold
Vernazza Two Piece Sold
Vernazza Two Piece Sold
Vernazza Two Piece Sold
Vernazza Two Piece Sold

Vernazza Two Piece


Level Intermediate

This is a general guideline, check individual class page for more details.

Beginner: No experience necessary — we’ll teach you everything!

Beginner Plus:   You have taken a 101 class or equivalent. You are familiar with threading your machine or know basic knit or crochet stitches.

Intermediate: You’ve got a few projects under your belt. You’ve made a few things and are looking to increase your knowledge.

Advanced: You know quite a bit about your chosen craft and you’re ready to take it to the next level.

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Whether you’re frolicking along the coastline of northern Italy or sunbathing in your backyard, the Vernazza Two Piece will have you feeling glamorous and comfortable!

Check out Amber's Vernazza on the blog!

Recommended Fabric: Scuba Knit

Yardage Requirements:

You can line your bottoms with swimsuit lining or the same fabric you are using for the rest of your suit. If you are not using swimsuit lining, add a half yard to the yardage requirements listed below.

Main fabric:

  • XS-M //  45” wide fabric // 1.3 yards
  • XS-M //  54-60” wide fabric // 1 yard
  • L-XXL //  45” wide fabric // 1.5 yards
  • L-XXL //  54-60” wide fabric // 1.13 yards
  • 1X - 4X // 45” wide fabric // 2 1/8 yards
  • 1X - 4X // 54-60” wide fabric // 1 2/3 yards
  • XS - XXL // 45-60” wide // .5 yard
  • 1X-4X // 45-60” wide // 5/8 yards


  • 4 yards ¼” wide elastic
  • Stretch sewing machine needle
  • Optional: 1-2 yard ¾” wide elastic (if you want to add elastic to the waistbands on the top and bottom), Soft foam cups (if you want a little more coverage), power mesh to go between layers of fabric for added support (you’ll need about a yard if you’re lining the whole suit)