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See Us. Hear Us. Love Us.

See Us. Hear Us. Love Us.


Width 44"
Fabric 100% Cotton

35 yards left in stock

Ann Kelle says this of her newest fabric, "See Us. Hear Us. Love Us.":

"At the beginning of June, I shared a drawing on Instagram. It was a drawing I had down a few days earlier as I was processing hurt and pain towards racism and the racial injustices in our country. I captioned the post “See Us. Hear Us. Love Us.”, which was/is both my heart’s cry and hope.

It felt very personal to post, but I did it anyways. I wasn’t expecting any response from the post. Well . . . I was completely blown away by the response. Wow! It was totally unexpected, but so appreciated.

After receiving many requests, one of the things I did was make it into an art print available in my online shop. And now it’s also going to be on fabric! And it gets even better, Robert Kaufman Fabrics is also donating the proceeds to a scholarship fund for aspiring Black textile students. My heart is in this artwork. Each kid in the artwork has a story."

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