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Plan to Quilt Organizer
Plan to Quilt Organizer Sold
Plan to Quilt Organizer Sold
Plan to Quilt Organizer Sold

Plan to Quilt Organizer


By: Shannon Gillman Orr

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The new edition of Plan to Quilt quilters planner is gorgeous with its white “quilted” hardcover and huge 1.25” gold wire binding. The pages are 8.5" x 10", making it large enough to draw in and with plenty of room for notes, doodles, details about threads, stitches, measurements and glue in fabric swatches.

  • 42 quilt planning template worksheets includes:

    • Room to glue in fabric swatches to create a quilting fabric swatch journal.

    • Plan each quilt project and design your own quilt patterns with ease.

    • At-a-glance quilt project checklists & fabric shopping lists.

    • Write down thread settings, color, and stitches to remember for next time.

    • Create color schemes while quilt planning before you cut your fabric.

    • Plenty of graph paper to design and color in the blocks.

    • Quilting designs and graph paper doodle space for each project.

    • Record the quilt story, who it was for, why you made it, and what you might do differently next time.

    • Room to glue in 6”x9” envelopes and keep the quilt pattern with your notes and fabric choices.

    • Quilt project tracker and at-a-glance pages to see what step is next.

Plan to Quilt will be your number one quilting supply to aid you through every project on your list.