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The Oxford Co Boxed Oxford Punch Needle {{ variant.title }} - Fancy Tiger Crafts Co-op

Boxed Oxford Punch Needle

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1 in stock and available for pickup at:
59 Broadway, Denver, CO

The Oxford Punch Needles are ergonomically designed for comfort and speed. Beautifully made with a maple handle and polished stainless steel needle, your punch needle will come packaged in a collector's box with a stitch guide and handbook. Made in the USA.

Refer to the guide below for determining which size to purchase:

  • Regular punch needles can be used with 3-ply rug yarns or bulky weight knitting yarns. You can even experiment by using multiple strands of finer yarns at the same time, or by punching with 1/4" strips of fabric!
  • Fine punch needles are suitable for sock weight yarns up to worsted weight yarns. Narrow stripes of fabric (3/32" strips recommended) can also be used.
  • The mini punch needle can be used with tapestry or needlepoint yarns up to worsted weight yarns. It will result in short, compact loops that resemble needlepoint. 

The number refers to how tall your loops will be:

  • #9: 3/8" loops
  • #10: 1/4" loops
  • #14: 1/8" loops
Tool measures 5" x 1"