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Oilcloth Oilcloth Iceland - Oilcloth Iceland - undefined Fancy Tiger Crafts Co-op

Oilcloth Iceland

$0.00 $9.95

Width 47"
Fabric Vinyl with a 65% Polyester/35% Cotton Scrim Backing


2 yards in stock and available for pickup at:
59 Broadway, Denver, CO

Oilcloth is a made of a durable vinyl on a polyester/cotton scrim backing. It can be sewn and will not peel, fade or crack with normal usage.

Make a no-sew table cloth, custom placemats, outdoor bunting, or waterproof zip pouch.

Oilcloth will be folded in order to be shipped. To remove fold marks, simply lay flat. The warm sun will speed up the process!

Please note the CPSIA act of 2008 may prohibit oilcloth garments such as bibs, aprons, or toys for children under age 12.

Check out Bethany's Market Tote to see this fabric in action!

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