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Mini Period Panty Sewing Kit

Mini Period Panty Sewing Kit


Level Intermediate

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Reusable Period Panties are popular all over the world! They are eco friendly and can be used for menstruation, incontinence, pregnancy, and postpartum related issues. Period Panties are excellent as backup for tampons or menstrual cups, and are perfect for free bleeding, anticipating your period, or spotting throughout your cycle. They are a great option for people with disabilities or difficulties using disposable period products, or for your child's first periods! Wearing Period Panties eliminates anxiety about staining clothing, furniture, and bedding, and provides peace of mind around getting your period.

This kit contains just the special trio of absorbent fabrics for the crotches of three pairs of reusable period panties, which replace 2-3 tampons per wear.  Use any undie pattern, and pair this kit with fabric and elastic trim of your choosing. Create the absorbent crotch out of the special Moisture Wicking Jersey, an inner layer of Ultra Absorbent Quilted Bamboo Cotton, and an outer layer of Waterproof Organic Cotton Jersey in this kit. We recommend using a wide fold over elastic to neatly encase all the layers.

Kit includes:
Black Waterproof Backed Organic Cotton Jersey
Ultra Absorbent Quilted Bamboo Cotton
Black Moisture Wicking Jersey

All period panty fabrics made in America.

The wicking jersey and bamboo cotton are infused with skinsafe Silvadur™ which inhibits odor and infection-causing bacteria. The waterproof polyurethane backing on the organic cotton jersey and the polyester wicking fabric are entirely food safe and made with no toxic components. They are CPSIA certified, meeting stringent standards by the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission on lead, phthalates, and flammability.

Heath note: Air flow and breathability is very important for vaginal health. As these Period Panties contain a waterproof material, please keep in mind that wearing for extended amounts of time (more than a few days at a time) can contribute to vaginal discomfort. Please change garments every 12 hours to keep your vagina happy, and remove for a few hours if you begin to experience discomfort.

Soak and rinse in cold water before washing. Wash cold or medium, lay flat to dry. Do not use fabric softener, which inhibits absorption.