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Marigold FQ Bundle
Marigold FQ Bundle Sold
Marigold FQ Bundle Sold

Marigold FQ Bundle


Fabric 100% Cotton

Line: Marigold

By: Aneela Hoey


4 in stock and available for pickup at:
59 Broadway, Denver, CO

Marigold brings together a selection of designs with teh natural world as a common thread. Whether influenced directly through the flowers in Aneela's garden or via the medium of nature documentary, this collection captures the beauty, spontaneity, form and organic feel of the living world. Aneela chose a color palette heavily influenced by late summer flora to create rich and colorful prints. Perfect for bringing some outdoor lovliness inside to enjoy!

Includes (20) 18" x 21" cuts from the Marigold fabric collection by Aneela Hoey.