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Heavyweight Denim

Heavyweight Denim

$0.00 $21.00

Width 66"
Fabric 98% Cotton / 2% Lycra

1 yards left in stock

High Cotton and low lycra content make this the perfect denim for durable, almost rigid, denim garments like jeans, overalls, jackets, and workwear. We're thinking the Merchant and Mills Harlene, Megan Nielsen's Dawn Jeans, or Friday Pattern Co Ilford Jacket.

Wash separately in case color bleeds. Machine wash warm & dry regular twice to remove all shrinkage. Remove from dryer while still damp the second time & iron to prevent creases. Steam iron on high/cotton setting.

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Choose between Gutermann 100% Polyester or Sulky 100% Cotton thread and we will match it to this fabric.

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