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Felting Needles
Felting Needles Sold
Felting Needles Sold

Felting Needles

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If you want to have felting needles on hand for whatever you might need, these Felting Needle packs are for you! The needles are color coded and the tube has a handy guide printed right on the back for reference.

The Blue Painted 7 pack contains seven 38 Star needles.

The Variety 7 pack is a variety pack of seven needles, one of each type of needle listed below.

The Variety 25 pack is a variety pack of 25 needles that contains four of each of the triangle needles and three of each of the others listed below. 

36 T - Coarse. Increased felting depth for initial sculpting and attaching parts. Workhorse needle that helps sculpting go faster especially for the beginning stages.

38 T - A general all-purpose needle, used often.

40 T - For smaller projects/parts, detail and finishing work, and finer fibers.

42 T - Smooth finishing and detail work

38 Star - Another all-around needle for both sculpting and finishing, recommended for use in a multi needle tool and when felting into fabric.

38 Twisted - A bit more oomph than the other 38 gauge needles, great for sculpting on small projects.

40 Twisted/Spiral - Yet another great all-around needle.