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Portuguese Knitting

Portuguese Knitting

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Level Level 2
Teacher Jonna
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Portuguese Knitting is a technique that is beneficial for any knitter to know. With a flick of the thumb it offers quicker stitching and relief of hand, elbow and shoulder strain that sometimes afflicts Throwers (English) and Pickers (Continental) style knitters. You can use pins, pendants or just put the yarn behind your neck to create a triangle of yarn tension for making consistent stitches in this quick process. Please come prepared, knowing both knit and purl stitches, with a ball of yarn and some circular needles in the appropriate size for the weight of your yarn.

Materials Required (sold separately): Yarn, weight not specific (not dark colors or black, please), Circular needles with a cord of at least 30”. Optional Supplies: yarn bowl

Ages 18+