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Judy Crochets a Calad Shirt with Salty Blonde Fiber

Name: Judy 
Pattern: Calad Shirt by Jess' Root Knots
Size Made : XL
Materials used: Salty Blonde Fingering in Chartreuse with Envy and Pearl Modifications: None
The second I saw the Calad Shirt by Jessica Tsung I knew I had to make it ASAP so that I could wear it for spring! It was also a great excuse to make something out of one the incredibly bright and fun colors dyed by Salty Blonde. Ryan's eye for color is so fantastic and I feel like she is able to capture unique and vibrant colors you don't often see in yarn selections. I also love that she is local to Denver!
I was a little nervous because I'm not much of a crocheter and have certainly never crocheted a wearable before, but Jess' instructions are very well written and easy to follow. The initial chain is a little daunting but between the triple crochet rows and lots of lace I was able to finish this a lot faster than I was expecting!
I love the airiness of this garment and the combination of wool and lace is perfect for a Colorado spring where the sun is hot but the breeze is cool. I would 100% make this again and would probably go for cotton or linen so that I can extend its wear into the hottest days of the Summer!

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