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Sport + DK Yarn

ChiaoGoo 6" Stainless Steel Double Pointed

Stainless Steel


Boye 5" Steel Crochet Hooks



Stitch Collective

Stitch Collective Shop

6" Wood Embroidery Hoop Frame

Stitch Life Studio

Stitch Life Studios

Flight of Stitch Markers

Stitch Markers

Stone Wool

Straight Stitch Designs

Studio Carta

Mask Sew In Interfacing - 58" x 18" piece

Stuffing & Interfacing


Fine Tip Iron-on Transfer Pen

Sublime Stitching


Susan Bates Knit Chek

Susan Bates

Bamboo Cotton Stretch French Terry

Sustainable Fabrics

A curated selection of better choices for our planet. Features such as sustainably grown fibers (e.g. linen, hemp, wool), Oeko-tex and/or GOTS certification, organic or recycled fibers, closed-loop manufacturing (conserves water & prevents chemical pollutants). Please see individual fabric descriptions for more detailed info.
Jamieson & Smith 2 Ply Jumper Weight

Sustainable Yarn

A curated selection of yarns that are better for our planet. These products have features such as organic fiber, regenerative and/or responsible farming practices, support of local economies (some are US grown, milled, and dyed, support US farms, manufacturing and lowers fuel consumption, some support cottage industries worldwide, heirloom breeds and healthy grasslands). Please have a look at individual yarn descriptions for more detailed info.

Suzy Quilts

Agnes PJs

Swim + Lounge Patterns

Artists Palette Scuba

Swim + Undie

Boutonniere Scuba Jersey

Swim Fabric

Cottesloe Swimsuit

Swim Fabric + Patterns

Tabitha Sewer

Tabitha Sewer Buttons

Table Rock Llamas

Tabula Rasa


Tandy Leather


Target Trim

TAUKO magazine Issue 3

TAUKO magazine

Magic Pins

Taylor Seville

Capri Linen Knit




Matte Shell Button 15mm

Textile Garden

Cuff Top

The Assembly Line