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Wren Bird Arts Washable Mending Transfers #3 Yellow - Washable Mending Transfers #3 Yellow - undefined Fancy Tiger Crafts Co-op

Washable Mending Transfers #3 Yellow


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Erin of Wren Bird Arts created these water soluble mending transfers for people who are looking for an easier way to transfer a beautiful pattern. No need for rulers and pencils, tracing paper, or an iron. Stick the transfer to the area to be mended, stitch the pattern, and then rinse off the sticker, and reveal your precise stitched pattern.

This is a set of 4 (1 of each design). Instructions for use are included. No additional tools are included. Each transfer is single use.

Each design is approx. 4" X 5".

The instructions are simple:
  • Stick the pattern to the top of your mending project, covering the hole.
  • Stitch the pattern, using as a guide for each stitch.
  • When finished, rinse the area.
  • Let dry