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Willoughby Nesting Bins (FREE PATTERN)

I knew I wanted to crochet with Echoview Fiber Mill’s Lanyard Yarn as soon as it came in.  There’s something about a chunky cotton yarn that calls to me, so I put together a little pattern for you to try at home!

Caitlin Vannoy's Willoughby Nesting Bins

Pattern: Willoughby Nesting Bins by Caitlin Vannoy (free pattern)
Materials: Echoview Fiber Mill Lanyard Yarn in Dove Grey and Natural

Caitlin Vannoy's Willoughby Nesting Bins in Echoview Fiber Mill's Lanyard Yarn

These simple baskets are easier than they look - the Eyelash stitch motif along the sides give the effect of a woven basket and results in a super sturdy fabric. They might look a little wobbly at first, but by blocking and shaping them on a form (I used a small tin, a clean wastebasket, and a soup pot for mine), you’ll get nice, even rows.

You could really make these any size you want, but I’ve outlined a small, medium, and jumbo size.  All three baskets were made with just 2 cones of Lanyard yarn - with yarn to spare!  These hefty spools are made on an old-fashioned shoelace machine - how cool is that?! You can make the whole set and gift a bundle of nesting baskets.  Or keep them for yourself, of course!

Fre Nesting Bin Crochet Pattern

The subtle contrast of Grey against Natural result in a very clean and classic design. I’d love to see these in some bright color combinations - Malachite & Tumeric or Peach & Marsala might have to be next on my to-do list.  You can even make them with 3 or 4 colors if you want!

Willoughby Nesting Bin

Download your free Willoughby Nest Bin pattern here.

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